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Ritual Contest

Flag Salute
(what you will be graded on)

  • Exalted Ruler shall then reverently grasps the two top corners, and then while glancing around the room begin.
  • “Please salute our Flag” The Exalted Ruler then looks at the Flag and then raises it to a position in front of, or to the Exalted Ruler’s left with the field of stars in the upper left hand corner as seen by the new member. As the Flag is being raised to its proper position by the Exalted Ruler, The Exalted Ruler now continues with the tribute to the Flag. Upon the completion of the words,
  • “sea and sky,” the Exalted Ruler, at his station, shall hold the Flag, unfolded, by the upper corners in front of his chest, shall make a right, and proceed in an orderly manner to a position on the floor directly in front of, and one pace away from, the new member. The Exalted Ruler then continues:
  • “In the name of this great Brotherhood, * * * * * * *.”
  • “I present you with this our Flag,” Upon the completion of the words,
  • “our Flag,” all officers, including the Exalted Ruler, shall lower their hands in unison. The Exalted Ruler then continues:
  • “Preserve it as a * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *.”

Eleven O'Clock Toast
(what you will be graded on)

  • Exalted Ruler: "You have heard the tolling of eleven strokes. This is to remind us ****************": “To Our Absent Members.”

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Ritual Contest:
"Flag Salute"
"Eleven O'Clock Toast"














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